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As you may have guessed, I love talking about compost. Like, a LOT.

And I am so grateful to have connected with a bunch of awesome journalists who ALSO love talking about good green things that make the soil and world go ’round.

Please enjoy the following articles that incorporate some mix of me blathering about compost, compost in general, and/or “Compost City!”



Talking Worms With the Compostess,” (Farmsteady, November 2017)

Science Friday: Sprucing Up Your Springtime Soils,” (PRI, May 2017)

Ira Flatow Science Friday Rebecca Louie The Compostess

Nerd out selfie: In studio with Ira Flatow, host of PRI’s Science Friday!


Conjurer of Compost,” (Cover story, Swarthmore Magazine, Spring 2016)

Rebecca Louie The Compostess Compost City Swarthmore College

Wormy Cover Girl!

Wild Culture: Fermenting Your Food Waste with Bokashi” (Paste Magazine, 3/15/16)

Let’s Talk Composting (and a Giveaway of ‘Compost City’ Book)” (Foodie Underground, 2/12/16)

“100 Ways to Have Your Most Organic Year Ever” (Rodale’s Organic Life Magazine, Jan/Feb 2016)

Roadie's Organic Life Magazine Rebecca Louie The Compostess

Omg, yes. THIS happened!


Podcast: Talking Compost and Compost City with Juice Guru Radio” (Juice Guru Radio, 11/27/15)

Composting: The Whys and Hows” (, 11/12/15)

Compost City: An Interview with Rebecca Louie, The Compostess” (, 11/10/15)

How to Host a Pumpkin Smash (and Compost Jack O Lanterns)” (, 10/27/15)

I Just Started Composting in My Apartment and You Can Too,” (, 8/13/15)

Reviews: Compost City: Practical Composting Know-How for Small-Space Living” (Sanctuary Magazine, Issue 32)

Review: Compost City” (, 6/5/15)

Video: Trevose Day School, Neshaminy Montessori Students Compost” (Bucks County Courier Times, 5/27/15)

The Compostess Rebecca Louie Compost

Worm bin mania! (Awkward face angle, lol!)

Dancing in the Dirt: Trevose Day School Launches Sustainability Curriculum” (The Midweek Wire, 5/26/15)

Small-Scale Composting for Urban and Suburbanites” (The Denver Post, 5/16/15)

Composting in New York City is Not as Challenging as You Think and its Getting Easier” (, 11/4/15)


How to Make Compost Using Worms” (Wired UK, 11/13/14)

Your Compost Will Not Attract Vermin, Take Over Your Apartment, Or Produce Toxic Fumes” (Smithsonian Magazine, 6/20/2014)

Can of Worms: Want to Keep Your Food Scraps Out Of Landfills? Call The Compostess” (Edible Manhattan, 5/5/13)





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