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My name is Rebecca Louie and I’m a certified NYC Master Composter, Catskills beekeeper, playful gardener and all-around green girl. I love to cook, travel, explore and experiment. I am so glad to have this site to share some of my adventures and the expertise of awesome eco innovators around the globe!

Born and raised in Queens, New York, I’m sad to say I wasn’t always a big advocate for Ma Earth. In fact for many years, I didn’t give her much of a thought. I didn’t do any outdoorsy stuff as a kid; I often stayed inside and read books (#nerdalert). Nature was something I passed through to get where I was going, not something I lived in or was a part of.

For the first half of my career, I chased down celebrities, tastemakers and artists as a culture and entertainment writer. Life was fast-paced and exciting, but much more about excess than conservation. As I approached 30, I started to burn out on the glitz. I took some time off to recalibrate and rediscover where my passions lay.

Who knew they would end up in tubs full of thousands of worms or in the mountains with over one hundred and fifty thousand honeybees? Or that I’d choose green living over the red carpet? Or that it would all be so much fun?

Hopefully, this blog reflects the fun I’ve had learning about sustainable living and inspires you to get your green on too.

If you’re interested in learning more about composting, please check out my fun guide: “Compost City: Practical Composting Know-How for Small Space Living!”

Thanks again for stopping by — WORM ON!

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