Compost Education

Do you have a corporate or private group that would enjoy learning more about composting? The Compostess provides a range of informative and engaging options to suit any environment and group size. 
Programs include lectures with slideshow presentation and interactive activities including compost exploration and the creation of mini worm bins.

New York City Compost Event with The Compostess

Private Parties & Play Dates
Turn entertaining at home into ecotaining! Whether you’re throwing a fabulous fete with friends or preparing a playdate for your child, consider incorporating an educational hostess – The Compostess! Using your event as a springboard for conversation, The Compostess will educate guests about the benefits and basics of composting and help them make mini worm bins to take home as goody bags! The Compostess is available for a range of events including potluck or dinner parties, BBQs, birthdays, and more.

Children learn about vermiculture with The Compostess.

Home Compost Consultation, Care and Maintenance
Curious about composting in your NYC dwelling but not sure where to begin? Allow The Compostess to help! During this engaging and educational home visit, The Compostess will introduce you to the fundamentals of house and apartment composting, share strategies for compost success, and map out ways composting can fit into your personal lifestyle and indoor or outdoor space.

Already composting? It would be The Compostess’ pleasure to help you set up and care for your compost bin! Allow her to sift, turn, or harvest compost to optimize your experience. The Compostess can also troubleshoot sticky situations including compost odor, wet compost, pests and stagnant bins.

Outdoor Compost Pile With Bucket of Ash and Water 

Vermiculture Bootcamp
Welcome to the worm-derful world of composting indoors with the elegant Eisinia Fetida (aka Red Wiggler) earthworm! Whether you live in a small studio or sprawling townhouse, a worm bin is a fascinating and compact way to compost at home. The Compostess will introduce you to the fundamentals of vermicomposting and share strategies for worm bin success. The Compostess offers bin purchase and set up services for additional fees.

Composting with Earthworm Goodie Bags

To inquire about pricing, availability and customizations, please contact me at info(at)thecompostess(dot)com.

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